Zufallsentdeckungen sind meine Lieblingsentdeckungen. Als ich vor ein paar Tagen auf dem Sofa saß und mich von Netflix berieseln ließ, scrollte ich durch den Instgrammschen „Entdecke Personen“-Feed. Das meiste war langweiliges Zeug, aber aus dem ganzen Einheitsbrei stachen tolle abstrakte, pastellfarbene Bilder und Kissenhüllen heraus. Inhaberin des Instagram-Accounts ist die wundervolle Sarah Kelk.

Sarah Kelk1

Dusty Someday Tomorrow | Kissen: Charcoal Grey Cobalt Lilac | Lilac Charcoal

Die Künstlerin lebt derzeit im australischen Melbourne. Gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester ist die Designerin Inhaberin der Marke und des Online-Shops Hello Polly. Um mehr über sie und ihre Arbeit zu erfahren, habe ich sie kurzerhand um ein Interview gebeten.

Alex: Sarah, please tell us something about yourself, your work and Hello Polly.

Sarah: I’m the creator and designer of online store and homewares brand, Hello Polly. I run this with my amazing sister, Helen. I’m also an artist who paints expressive and colourful work full of interwoven blocks of colour, texture and pattern. My paintings are pretty intuitive. I have a rough plan of where to start with each painting, mostly by picking colours, and always start with a few expressive under coats. I then add colour blocks on top and build on it from there. Its loads of fun, and I can find myself painting for hours on end if I get in the zone.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia where I live with my husband and two children (Charlie, 6 and Annie, 3). I grew up in beautiful New Zealand, and spent 7 years living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love living in Melbourne, cooking food, spending days at the beach and hanging out with family and friends.

Alex: If you could have one super hero skill for one day what would that be and why?

Sarah: I’m not actually sure if any super heroes have this skill, but not needing to sleep! Although I love sleeping, sometimes my days feel so short that I wish I had another 8 hours to paint, run Hello Polly and do everything else to comes with a busy (but super fun) life!

Alex: Is there anything in life you did or did not do that you regret?

Sarah: That’s a tough question. I’m a firm believer of not dwelling on things too much. Onwards and upwards I say, so I don’t often look to the past with regrets.

 Alex: What does your perfect day look like?

Sarah: An early summers morning bike ride then a long pancake breakfast with my family (we try and do this most Sundays). I love to spend the best part of a day immersed in a painting, before heading out for a swim with the kids, finished off with good food and drinks with friends! Pretty simple really.

Alex: What is your favourite place in the whole wide world?

Sarah: I have three actually! One is at the top of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh, one is walking along the wind swept Oreti Beach (in my home of New Zealand) and the third, would be hiking to the top of The Remarkables (a mountain range) in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Alex: If you could meet a fictional/historical character who would that be and why?

Sarah: Definitely a historical character. Id love to meet Ray Eames! A design icon who was prolific and inspirational almost her entire life.

Alex: Three things that you would take with you to a deserted island…

Sarah: Family, books and an endless supply of food! I think they may be more than three things 🙂

Alex: What are your plans for the nearer future?

Sarah: I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline, which includes working on a few larger scale paintings. That and taking my kids camping in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for the interview Sarah. 

Hier findet ihr übrigens noch mehr tolle Arbeiten von Sarah Kelk. Zu kaufen gibt es die Sachen hier.


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